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"Mantra" CD

Image of "Mantra" CD


With her sexy, soulful voice and wise lyrics, with influences ranging from The Beatles to classical music to the poetry of Charles Bukowski and Maya Angelou, Sheri Miller creates a "sensual soundscape of hypnotic bluesy American soul meets classic British melodic-pop." Recorded in a beautiful studio overlooking a blue crystalline lake hidden away in the deep forests of Connecticut in 2008, a bit of magic happened. An unusually gorgeous and stunning collection of 6 songs came to life. "Mantra" is this debut from a genuine, authentic and visionary young artist. Featuring the break-out underground wedding hits "Right Here, Right Now" and "All He Has To Do."

Produced by Michael Patzig
Doug Yowell- drums, percussion
Jeff Allen- bass
Dave Eggar- cello
Rachel Golub- violin
Oz Noy- guitars
Michael Patzig- guitars
Sheri- vocals, background vocals, guitar, piano